Vehicles Auto Tracking Antenna, Satellite Tv Antenna for Car, Bus, Train, Mobile Satellite TV Systems Without Installation & GST

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Flat Mobile Satellite TV Antenna

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G-series products are “on-the-move” antennas, widely applied to SUV, RV, bus, truck and train for constant satellite TV and broadcasting receiving. The excellent tracking algorithm offers high tracking performance for most satellites in the coverage area. Built-in GPS helps to automatically change skew angle by a motor attached to LNB. Owning low-profile and compact size due to the innovative high-efficiency open-ended wave guide array antenna technology can ensure minimum effect on the appearance of vehicles and most convenience for limited installation space. The outstanding performance of wide band and dual-polarization makes sure you will not miss any SD or HD channel you like, giving you the best enjoyment while traveling.




  1. Lower profile due to wave guide type antenna and patented skew tracking design.
  2. Automatic signal tracking system with advanced tracking algorithm and stepping motor.
  3. Quick signal amendment after getting out of a shadow area.
  4. Esthetic and durable radome immune from the external damage.
  5. Easy installation with magnet plate and one cable solution.
  6. Satellite selection available, easy S/W update using USB.

Flat Mobile Satellite TV Antenna


Model No. G29DL/DC(ASA plastic radome)
Antenna Size Ø57.8 X 19.5 cm
Antenna Weight 11.6 kg
ACU Size 17.7 X 13.4 X 5 cm
ACU Weight 1 kg
Frequency Band  Full Band 10.7GHz~12.75GHz
Antenna Gain                           29.5 dBi
Power Supply                           9-30V DC
Typical Power Consumption 16W
Maximum Power Consumption 19W
Lineal Polarization Dual Linear Polar, Auto Skew Tracking
Circular Polarization Dual Circular Polar
Antenna Performance
Elevation look angle range Automatically adjusted, 0°— 90°
Azimuth Range Automatically adjusted, unlimited continuous
Tracking Rate 90°/s
Polarization angle range Automatically adjusted, -180°— +180°
Satellite acquisition <1 min
Satellite re-acquisition <20 s (When lost in blockage re-acquisition is within 1min)
Satellite Service
Frequency Ku band
EIRP ≥52 dBW
Electrical Interface
RX and control (Dual Polar) 1xF   75Ω
Temperature range -25℃- 65℃
Ground speed Up to 350Km/h



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