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What is MDU?

The Multi Dwelling Unit is a customized solution for connecting multiple TVs within the same multi storied building with a single or two DTH Antennae to receive Direct-to-Home service. Common DTH is installed on the terrace of the multi storied building which gives signal to DTH STBs connected to TV sets in multi storied building. Once the DTH is installed, residents have the choice to subscribe for the DTH services.

Why MDU?

Direct-to-Home entertainment is based on the concept of receiving the services directly on your television from a satellite through DTH box. A small DTH is installed in your home to receive the signals from the satellite. However, one connection needs one DTH to receive the satellite signals. This leads to many DTHes in any multi storied building having many subscribers.

MDU is the solution that reduces the number of DTHes to one or two in a multi storied building for all the subscribers in the building.

How it works?

MDU is a centralized network consisting of multi switches and amplifiers for distributing the signal received by one or two DTH antennas.

The DTH Antenna captures the signals and transmits through multi switches on to the individual STBs placed at subscriber’s end. The setup is customized depending on the number of connections and the connectivity structure of the building.

Advantage of MDU
  • Each and every customer in the building does not have to have a separate DTH Antenna to receive DTH services.
  • Additional DTH is not required to be installed for any additional subscriber in the building.
  • It is easy to maintain onmailto:mdu@Airtel DTH.ine or two DTH antenna in a building

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